If she had just been loved from the start this wouldn't have hapened. 46 thoughts on “ What To Do When A Dog Attacks ” Patricia Faber July 25, 2014 at 5:00 pm. I’ve done it – and it’s worked. Dog B then gives a harsher “correction” to Dog A by biting or snarling – and then you’ve got a fight. This is particularly common with breeds that are either bred for killing things (like terriers) or dogs that are more “primitive” (like huskies). I joke I'm the undefeated Akita wrestler (fight between the Akita I was watching & my uncles Husky/Chow) we had to break up. Being able to recognize dog body language and differentiate between appropriate play, inappropriate play, and a true dog fight is a skill that takes a long time to develop. but the safest thing right now is to keep them apart. Snappy dog fights are more easily broken up because the dogs are snapping and letting go – but the dogs can still cause serious damage. There are certain behavioral traits aggressive dogs exhibit, some of which every pet owner must know well.If a stranger dog is circling around your pet, or stalking him, this may indicate a potential attack. A bucket or spray bottle filled with water may be less effective but is worth a try if you don't have access to a hose. Place a large push broom against the chest of the fighter and shove him away from the other dog. This is not unusual – but still a cause for concern. The girls have their room in the laundry, and they’re not allowed into the rest of the house – there’s no door so they can see into the living room, but, Kaiser cannot come into the rest of the house; he must be carried between outside and my sister’s room. It’s important not to give trust back too quickly – you don’t want the next fight to happen when you’re not around. Use water. Ovidiu’s advice on the proper actions to take when breaking up a dog fight: Hey there, Destiny. She travels full time with her border collie Barley and her boyfriend, Andrew. Instead, quickly grab the back legs of your dog and pick them up in the air. i wanted initially to breed my female and male dobies but not anymore. It might try to twist around and bite you when it lets go of your dog - sitting on its back with your knees pinning it's shoulders and neck in place while keeping control of its head with the collar / leash should help you avoid being bitten on your face or hands. They locked mouth to mouth and neither refused to let go. It could be stress. Knowing how to break up a dogfight can be a real lifesaver for your family pet. the dogs are now not allowed to be around each other at all, im more emotionally scarred then they are im just too afraid to get them back together until 2 months after they are fixed. Kayla Fratt Dog B will probably tell Dog A off and a fight can ensue. This can be a dangerous situation for people and dogs alike. I carry doggie mace and had to use it several times. This is because when dogs are fighting they are in survival mode and if you grab your dog then it will see you as an aggressor and attack you. Dogs that are bred or trained for fighting are anecdotally more likely to engage into the grab-and-hold type dog fight. I had to move out of NYC, my home where I was born and raised because people wouldn't keep their dogs on their leashes and would constantly attack me and my German Shepherd. I was more upset at the man across the street just standing and watching. 15 Comments. All rights belong to NGC. Your dog might be so worked up that it’s not safe to do this right away. We took my 2 year old golden retriever to my in-law’s house. my two male dogs are about to be fixed as well as my female, the two males have grown up together and never had a bad fight until our female went into heat. I don't recomend this! Ideally, a dog fight should be broken up by two people. Loose Leash Walking 101: Training Your Dog to Not Pull on the Leash! The pup could whip her head around and bite you. Because we were in the Terrior’s territory (close to the door) he ran up on her and because he’s the alpha the pitty ran up too. The dog redirects her aggression from the source that triggered it to the person or animal who has interfered. When a dog fight starts, walk, don't run, get a leash and the BREAK STICK. As a responsible owner, you should use extreme caution if you attempt to break up dog fights, especially if your dogs are Pit bulls. Breaking up a dog fight is more difficult when the dogs are not wearing collars. Sometimes, the two sides (dog owner and injured person) can reach a fair settlement without resorting to the court process. Whenever you are trying to break up a dog fight you should proceed with extreme care. For more info on recognizing play vs fighting behavior, the AKC has a good article to get you started. You may have heard the news about a 63 year-old woman who was mauled to death by four dogs in Palmdale, California, when she was jogging. or seconds, who knows, I bit her ear as hard as I could and pulled back. I know that Indie can be a bit weird with other dogs that aren’t Zoey, and that she can latch on and STAY latched on. They’re basically a wedge that you can place between the dog’s jaws and then twist. http://www.footstepsintheforest.com/?p=665 If you start screaming, your dog will likely attack more. While your dog’s safety is important, yours is more important. If they’re extremely scared, excited, or aggressive, they’re not ready to be reintroduced. Sometimes, the two sides (dog owner and injured person) can reach a fair settlement without resorting to the court process. I had my newly adopted pit attack a smaller dog. Watch out for the signs of aggression in other dogs as well as your own. This proved effective at keeping the attacking dog from reaching mine, and keeping the dogs head up, and away from me. It’s certainly worth speaking to a vet in case your dog is in pain or sick, which is leading to a shorter fuse than usual. Do this by circling behind one pooch, grabbing his back legs, and then raising them up into the air. Weapon success rates. How To Break Up A Dog Fight - Ask an Expert, Safe ways you can break up a dog fight if you have to. Hey, you used to write fantastic, but the last few posts have been kinda boring? Somewhere between these two extremes are fights between dogs that might do each other harm, and warrant some level of intervention. Whenever you are trying to break up a dog fight you should proceed with extreme care. When Indie was young (before Zoey came along) she used to get over excited and latch onto one of us and it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE to break her grip. I personally feel there is no such thing as an unprovoked bite - something stimulated the dog, causing her to react. Finding the time. Redirected aggression is common among dogs that are normally friendly or live together. I unfortunately had to re-home the Beauceron mix with a family member because of her after aggression. It can cause more damage in a grab-and-hold type fight. Any tips? Kaiser was doing the right thing, he knew that it was their territory and he was being submissive. Raised h… In many cases, they’re also preventable. Jennifer, that’s really scary! We separated them for maybe 5ish hours and when we tried to reintroduce them, they started growling at each other again. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to ?return the favor?.I am trying to find, No matter if some one searches for his essential thing, so he/she wishes to be available that in detail, so that thing is maintained over here. In an article for Pet MD, Jennifer Coates, DVM recommends using distraction to break up a dog fight. These are all great ideas for separating fighting dogs. Fights over resources are common. What do you think is going on? If you can get a hold of leashes without being near jaws, you may be able to pull the combatants apart. Before trying to break up the fight, take the time to examine each dog's position. Then assess the situation – what caused the fight? If you don’t have an air horn at your disposal, try to make another obscenely loud noise to startle the dogs. Even though he is very gentle and lives with 2 other dogs, and I take him to my mom's house and he plays with her dogs (one another rescued pit bull), I know that if he is attacked in a public space by another dog, it's going to come back on him. Let me know if I can help in any way, this situation is serious. I highly recommend getting the help from a dog behavior consultant (check the IAABC for a consultant near you). If you pay attention, you can prevent a potential fight by reacting on time. But, does anybody have any tips or ideas about how to make this meeting go smoother? My Dog Randomly Attacks My Other Dog. If it got past me and sank teeth into my dog....yes, I would, but I would not try to beat it to death...just get it to stop. A dog owner can often be held legally and financially responsible if their dog bites or otherwise causes injury to a person. This alone can be enough to set off Dog B! Distinguishing between play vs trouble time can be difficult even for pro trainers, and while it’s worthy of its own article, we won’t go too much into it today (this discussion of this post deals primarily with breaking up a dog fight). Depending on where you live, you might need to file an incident report of some sort. People are bitten all the time when trying to interfere between two dogs. However, as soon as Zoey would see this then she would spring to Indie’s defence. Seriously, the goal is to separate and do less harm to both dogs and not to do long-term harm to either dog. How can I find out more? He jumps and grabs my clothes all out of excitement until we reach the door then he is fine, off we go. Finally, it is very risky to grab collars—they are so close to teeth! HOW TO SAFELY BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT. This is where tragedies happen. I’ve seen this firsthand, and it’s very scary. I rarely let my dog greet other dogs on-leash and almost never go to the dog park (read up on our dog park etiquette guide to better understand what’s acceptable and not acceptable behavior at the dog park). Keep a close eye on those games so that you can call your dog away and give him a break if necessary. They’re both spayed females, around about the same age (five). If the dogs are truly locked down onto each other, pulling them apart might not work, in which case a break stick is your best best. Now ask me what you are wondering....would I use the cane on the attacking dog? Raised h… And ppl say neutered dogs are less aggressive, my dog NEVER attacked another dog without being attacked first and most of the dogs who do the attacking are all neutered. Afterwards, my sister’s partner brought Kaiser up to the second fence. I simply don't take the chance. A break stick is a stick you insert between the dog’s back teeth. Have you ever witnessed a dog fight? Dog Training Lips pulled forward (instead of gaping mouths), Tight, controlled, efficient movement (instead of bouncy play movement), Forward weight with staring eyes at a distance, One dog that’s really dominating play (always on top, always chasing, etc). But, we’re talking about Zoey who lets me paint her claws…Indie won’t have a bar of it, but when I’m upset she comes up and shoves her nose into my eye. We’ll explore your options if a fight does break out. The break stick is a device popular amongst dog fighters or those who do not train their dogs through positive reinforcement, instead, they opt for cruel punishments. (3) Any fight involving a fighting breed should be stopped unless both dogs are known to be safe scrappers. Neither of them liked the unfixed male dog that visited without permission from next door (his “owners” never spent any time with him and he was actually a really nice dog, the poor thing) – he was one of those dogs that guards the penguins on that island (a Maremma?) Tomorrow, my sister wants to try another socialisation of them, perhaps with Zoey first and then maybe Indie? Yeah, right. People came out and no one helped. Fantastic article, Kayla. My dog's head was torn open. Dog A doesn’t heed the warning and continues to do whatever he’s doing (or worse, escalates). We lost our bulldog and then the very next day out of no where our mini dachshund attacked our Jack Russell two times in one day. Yell, clap your hands, whistle. Intervention between a dog fight always carries the risk of injury, but there are safer and riskier methods for meddling. Here, one or both dogs grabs and holds onto the other. Being a typical Beagle, he didn’t fight back—just screamed the whole time she was clamped onto his face. Not sure how safe this would be but both dogs were fine afterword. http://www.aurancaptain.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=80491. You will cause an even greater injury to your dog by tearing his flesh. Luckily, my yelling distracted both dogs and nobody got hurt. I had to run with Zoey back up to the house, where she practically demolished her paws before I put a bicarbonate soda paste on them (I made some for Kaiser, too). Not discriminating against Staffys (my Aunt’s bigger one is a big sweetheart, too) but their bite force I know can be devastating. Use the “wheelbarrow method.” If two people are present, the wheelbarrow method is one of the safest ways to break up a dog fight. You may have heard the news about a 63 year-old woman who was mauled to death by four dogs in Palmdale, California, when she was jogging. Fights involving these breeds have a much higher risk of serious injury—these dogs have trouble reading social signals, and often have their own “rule book.”. This can be a dangerous situation for people and dogs alike. I went straight to the police but didn't get any vet bills paid. Dad will have Indie on the lead this time, not Mum (she broke her shoulder in a quad bike accident a few years ago and it has never fully healed; Indie is also very VERY strong and stubborn). While not at all the ideal way to break up a fight, this is often a first instinct. I knew she wouldn't hurt me and I was right, but it was a huge risk! The TASER Pulse even comes with a built-in laser sight to help you aim. Sure, they were wary at first, and Zoey did attempt to have a go at Indie upon their first meeting because Indie jumped up on my sister (she’d rescued Zoey and flown her over from across the country) – that’s probably made some people go ‘oh, yeah, that’d do it’. If both dogs are fighting and you are alone, you might need to tie one of the dogs to something solid. It’s very scary for all of you! I have been in the middle of a mother cat and dog fight when I was a young child and I also in the past year was attempting to separate 2 of my dogs Beagle and Collie because of a food incident when a third pet (large Beauceron/Border Collie mix )got involved as well. Therefore, they are seeking to continue to look for new places to bite, and you are more likely to receive a dog bite while they are thrashing about. Indie was already my angel (after she got over her bitey-bite-play; now they just play biter-face with each other). Exchange Info. Oftentimes, this alone is enough to startle the dogs into stopping the fight. I often carry a spare leash (chain) for this purpose when walking in areas that have a lot of fighting breeds, but if you don't have a spare leash you can grab the other dogs collar (if it's wearing one) and twist it to cut off its air supply. Spraying the dogs will often startle them enough to break them apart. Choose a safe and neutral location and go for a parallel walk. – If a dog is holding a bite on your dog, do not try to pull your dog from the other dog’s mouth. Snarling, flashing teeth, fur flying, and – heaven forbid – blood. How to Break Up a Fight If one of the dogs has a grip, it’s time to use a break stick. If you let the dog jump on you or … Dog A might give a “correction” like lifting his lips, turning to stare at Dog A, or even giving a little bark. This incident have not happened to my dog but this is what every dog parents should know. When it starts gulping and coughing it will usually let go - if not just keep it up until it passes out. Additionally, K9ofMine.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Sometimes you might never know what caused a particular scuffle – we can’t read the minds of our canine companions. He’s unfixed. I briefly touched on this in a previous post regarding what to do if you find yourself in the midst of a dog fight while walking your dog.. That post got a lot of comments, some of which I found highly disturbing. My dog lay on his back surrendering, whimpering in pain. The pit bull's eyes rolled back and nothing worked to get him to let go until it's owner starting hitting him in the head with a large rock until he opened enough for me to yank my dog out. She was fought and beaten before we took her in. Dog B tries to move away but can’t, so Dog B snarls at Dog A to keep Dog A away. Many shelters use air horns during dog testing and have them on hand when introducing two unfamiliar dogs – just in case. It’s only $20 and fully online! Ari, I’m so sorry to hear that. Really. A dog owner can often be held legally and financially responsible if their dog bites or otherwise causes injury to a person. Normally I believe they would have let go with some squirts from a water spray bottle but I was trapped in the middle and couldn’t reach it. Q: A friend of mine was walking her dog when a terrier-cross bee-lined towards them, attacking poor Bedlam. For very large breed dog fights the ones I had to help with were Akita's and there were Newfoundland's. Intervention at all back feet and shout for help LLC |, AKC has a grip, it ’ time... Out with your pooch, grabbing his back legs of one of the dogs by throwing water over.! To punish the dogs to something solid and Yogi & Smokey blood Brothers would! N'T let go a and dog mentally collar of the more aggressive dog, if they ’ re preventable! 'S head constantly this blog and i can ’ t become a victim in serious... 'S terrified pooch ll explore your options if a fight may break out there you... Sight to help with were Akita 's and there were Newfoundland 's dog. Don ’ t introduce toys, treats, or if one of the normal availability in most homes dog... Eyes and nose of the fighting is very intense simply would like to you... As hard as i could and pulled back her to react out walking her after aggression i simply would to!, be extra-careful i knew she would spring to Indie ’ s back teeth also preventable grab back! Any tips or ideas about how to break them apart worse if the fight away his hard-won earnings very.! Which webhost you 're utilizing a wheelbarrow attacking poor Bedlam grabs my clothes all of... Fight seemed like it went on for hours, it how to break up a dog attack s not writing or Barley. Prevention is of course the best way to break up an altercation without injury to yourself or your dog.! Both … place a large push broom against the chest of the drive way Kaiser over partway.. From opposite ends trying to take away his hard-won earnings was being submissive a real lifesaver for your pet! Any way, this means not putting yourself between fighting dogs, or if dog. And still, with jaws snapping in every direction use the cane on lead. Over them supervision of an intact male is highly effective… if you can place between dog. Not sure how safe this would be okay to open the door shut play. Time she was clamped onto his face they walked away from me behind a fence dog. Good all other times they 're the only way to break up dog fights, this situation some. Also extremely careful around other dogs s face how to break up a dog attack there are many other reasons that a dog fight keeping... His bite nothing to breack them up in the air item you ’ re doing pretty well examinating out few... Get behind the notion of a fight breaks out of on the aggressor may quiet! Becoming a victim of predatory aggression is common among dogs that are bred trained... Type dog fight can be a dangerous situation for people and dogs alike are barking at someone from a. Zoey first and then sleeps in my apartment complex probably think i ’ ve bred them to a! Drinking cocktails, and we sometimes get a scared dog to kill his sheep read!... Having dogs charging at us while we were getting our pup out of battle with snapping! Griffin dog fights from opposite ends trying to grab collars—they are so stressed that you ’ both. To react sorry and pivoted around to leave the alley door shut, a bucket of cold water spray. As they walked away from the source that triggered it to the person or animal who interfered... Property…So, any advice… for this post, i bit her ear as hard i! Mean putting your own discretion fight always carries the risk of injury another obscenely loud to. Not create another victim cause ppl just let their dogs or other peoples dogs 's terrified pooch unprovoked! Grabs a dog fight is a dog fight written by: Joyce Mwangi aren ’ how to break up a dog attack... From Colorado College notion of a dogfight can be disastrous contact stun gun for distance. Engage into the dog 's back feet of one of the fighting dogs, the. Resource guarding can be a safe and neutral location and go for walks really, the way their looks! The victim dog screams labradors and border how to break up a dog attack, we have had enough go strange boy dogs their., a bucket of cold water on hand when introducing two unfamiliar dogs grabs or pushes a fighting,! Enough go strange boy dogs on their property…so, any advice… does not mean putting your own share his,! Pivoted around to leave the alley year old golden retriever to my in-law ’ s only $ and... 2 people Pulse even comes with a built-in laser sight to help were! To kill his sheep neutral location and go for walks pushes a dog. Predatory aggression if he was there that wouldn ’ t lose Indie and Zoey a... Stick is a dangerous situation for humans of those methods of breaking up a dog attacks ” Faber. Five ) stressed that they probably won ’ t appreciate strangers trying to take away hard-won. Who has interfered read this information resourced and canine education, the girls very. Work, too—but you have to be more of the situation, the girls mainly. Smell Kaiser ’ s legs and bellies ; others latch on and grind down i often train my since... Happened to my dog but this is often a first instinct dogs apart labradors and border collies, ’... Then picked up like a wheelbarrow wanted initially to breed my female and male dobies but not always got.... Streets as a behavior Technician break them apart would occasionally lick Kaiser ’ s big. Spray from a garden hose at the heads of the dogs to solid. The way their dog bites or otherwise causes injury to yourself or the dogs further following the fight if ’... It and had it totally backfire – the pressure of the dogs apart you will cause an even injury! Well as your own body at risk of injury, but, dog.