You claim is actually the Sunday of the week you last worked. I’m out of money. My 26 weeks of unemployment has recently been exhausted. But then after getting a check for three weeks it tells me again: not payable at this time, What if you did not qualify for UI even though you worked all year and paid into UI but just did not make the income requirement? It’s frustrating. So Just grasping for straws at this point. I’ve been filing my claim for 3 weeks now I haven’t received anything no card no payment nothing at all. Now, his claim status reads: Filed, with the date of 3/18 when he first filed. Seriously this is some BS …no logical excuse…Canada and Italy took care of their people but hood old America…land of the unemployed who can’t get the money that was taken out of their own checks when working for this very reason?? I’m going through the same and I done my claim on 3/29 received confirmation was able to claim 0$ one week now my pin is no longer working we really need help, I also in the the same boat so frustrated. It said I claimed a week with pay followed by a week with no pay. WTF? Hi. Enough of the excuses and make it work. How do I find out the meaning of “your claim is not payable at this time”? When I filed my claim, I had entered the incorrect routing number and checking account number on the application! so frustrating and annoying! I of course have no additional income, and literally have less than 10 now. I followed there request. I’ll be homeless. If anyone can help me please let me know. I also often get cancelled at least one day a week and use my vacation time to supplement just to make up the 24 hours I’m hired for. I guess I just wait until I get denied? I am on the same boat. I have submitted unemployment application for almost 3 weeks, but the status still showing “Pending”, should I keep waiting or should I re-apply? The system informed me “Your benefits are not payable now. You can’t get a hold of anybody to give you a straight answer. I’m starting to panic because I don’t know where my situation fits into the assistance available and I don’t know what action I need to take. It’s been like that for 6 Certifications. Letter came in mail saying to claim my weekly but 4 weeks straight saying not payable. How will I prove that I tried to certify for all these weeks in order to claim back pay? NOTE: The call came in as ” No Caller ID” UNKNOWN. And need to speak to an agent. Logged on to certify for my weekly benefits in the ever changing window of time that the allow us to do so…. The week I was laid off I worked 20 hours, I claimed my benefits for that week and WAS paid partial unemployment. I would just like an update on when my money is going to come. I keep getting emails saying they need further information, to click on link below, when I click on link nothing happens, page is blank. My company shut down since March 21st I filled and still have not gotten anything. Tell me I don’t have a claim either. And my status is still filed with zero WBG!!! I have a confirmation number for my claim though, so I know it went into the system. I get the same thing. I have a similar problem. They have never put forth even the idea to update any of the state systems, except to pay taxes. Same here I been certifying for 3wks now and each time it’s say not payable at this time. Anyone else with this issue? I have the same issue. I hope this helps you. Nope no answers! …so now its a waiting game for NY. i have even sent emails to unemployment and haven’t gotten a response. My claim status has been “pending” since March 27. I am a self-employed/indep contractor. Two weeks then they want them every week?? Thanks in advance. I have the same exact problem it is awful. What will it take to compel someone in that office to either answer the phone or call her so they can fix it? Did I do something wrong? I emailed them… Their reply is automated!! However, each time i try & put in the 12-15? If I’m supposed to get it, WHY AM I NOT GETTING THE EXTRA? I am given instructions to call a number which I cannot reach and I’ve tried more times than I can count. my claim status shows the pay amount I should get but zero paid out, and each time has a next payable week listed?? Hello I been filed for my unemployment n still haven’t received any money yet. Thankfully zi have a credit card to by food! Hi, I’m concerned about my unemployment being not payable at this time. this is happening everyday at the same time. Can you please give the full number which 609 ? Hi I have been unemployed since jan, 10 2020 I currently still am unemployed but I might go back next mon. And I haven’t received anything explaining what’s going on. I didn’t see the email because it was in my junk email buried way down. My claim was pending for over a week still never received an email. We want our money!!!! I’m receiving my unemployment, I got my first check a couple weeks after I filed. The problem is when I call to certify, the claim is not payable. at that point it also added that I needed to speak with an agent to resolve the issue… It is nearly impossible to reach them at any level… Hopefully these issues are resolved soon because as everyone has said, I WILL say again…. I can claim the weekly benefits i get confirmation AMOUNT NOT PAYABLE AT THIS TIME. There are no resources or help from anyone within this department. I even verified my checking account details and everything is correct. I’m also a pharma consultant who can’t find work. She said that he can start claiming on his date, but that we wont be receiving any money until they receive the above information. When I check on claim status it tells me no record of a claim with my SS# however, when I attempt to file a new claim it tells me I have a claim on file. We need our unemployment benefits and the extra $600 per week that is being Issued by the government. There are no appointments scheduled per the BC9 and information appears correct on the BC-3C notice of determination with the weekly benefit rate showing. I’m not sure what to do next. Please call the local reemployment office”. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. I’m working reduced hours on my part time job. I filed on March 28 still did not get any mail Says that I am approved or not. Does my employer need to do anything on their part? Same thing happened to me I applied on 4/12 and got e-adjudication on that Monday and said allow 14 days to get something in the mail. The worst system that i have ever seen. So what next? This is a good reminder to vote in our state elections. Should I call NJ Unemployment tomorrow morning when they open at 8 am? I had the money 2 days later. I was just wondering if it’s the system or me? Can anyone help? I’ll be back to work before I see a penny I am sure. tried to call,sent over 15 emails. Are you still claiming weekly? Does anyone know someone who waited a few weeks was approved and started collecting? I agree, why is no one answering these questions!!! next day I go back into the website: Query Claim Status $ 0 paid Isn’t there anyone out there who can help us? Hi, No email, nothing in the mail. I am in healthcare and have been attempting to assist my spouse with his claim. When you go to try and claim for state UI? This isn’t right and I need answers. Do I RECEIVE $600 Supplemental Unemployment Payment even though my regular Unemployment has exhausted in January 2020. i claimed the same day, and same result. I was furloughed, and filed my claim on 3/29, giving the last day of work as 3/31 as my employer instructed me to do so. I filed my claim, received claimant ID, tried to certify on date told to do so. If someone can tell me if I will receive the 600 it would be greatly appreciated. Mine is just as bad as others here. SOMEONE ANSWER Yea my wife filed April 1st, showed amount payable, and got her money 2 weeks in a row, plus $600 already… Me on the other hand have shown $0 allowed and told to certify yet not payable at this time… I filed March 22nd to make it worse… No help.. I’m having the same issue too. Are you in PA? Did I do something wrong or my Employer ? Companies respond better when others are watching. I’m on ohio unemployment and havent seen one payment. A big part of me feels like I will not be seeing any of this 13 week extension. I filed for partial unemployment due to my hours being reduced from over 40 per week to 32 max. I received my first weeks payment, and now for my next weeks payments it says my last payment date was 4/12, but when i go into my payment activity it says it is “outstanding” where it should say “paid” WHAT DOES OUTSTANDING MEAN 🙁, I am having same problem filed on the 22nd I was approved but it stated when I went to apply that the WEB was not available at this time try back this is ridiculous I should not have to wait to get paid they need to start processing so I can get paid. I’ve received numerous emails explaining how to claim benefits under covid but I am still “pending” Someone please help !!!!!!!! $$$ in the WBR field. Closed it 2018. Going through the same thing, NJ should be ashamed of themselves for not including unemployment extentions! Also I can not reach anyone by phone and have emailed them several times also. Can someone explain Not Payable at this Time ? A report from the Economic Policy Institute published last month found that for every 10 people trying to apply for unemployment, three to four couldn’t get through the system to make a claim, and another two out of 10 said the process was too complicated to try. Have you received any information about your claim? I’m sure it will all work out. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PIN NUMBER IN THE EMAIL. My claims have been showing pending for four weeks until this morning, which now shows all my claims have been denied. I have been calling every single day atleast 50 to 60 times in one day hoping to speak with an agent. Hi Steve my question is being that we only received the extra $600 stimulus on April 14 will we eventually get the two weeks we lost being that it said that payment was for the week of March 29 and if so when or how will we receive it?? Of course that never happened. We need a reporter or advocate to get to the top, just to reassure people that they are working cases. How can you log in at the right time if the times change daily? It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. Hope this helps everyone. I have not received a letter stating I was denied and can’t get through to anyone on the phone. What is it for anyways? HELP, My unemployment benefits ran out November 2019, will I qualify for the emergency extended unemployment once it is implemented? The system is a mess and if it is t fixed, there are going to be major problems for families and businesses. I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. This same exact thing is happening to me. When I certify weekly benefits I get an confirmation email saying Your claim is not payable at this time. Kicker is, he never got any of the B forms in the mail or anything. I received my 1st check Apr. I was a bartender at a local golf course. No idea what to do at this point. Everything was fine. I hope someone has gotten some answers concerning “non payable issues”. I had an email from them last week stating I had to fill out a questionnaire it it is expired. My benifits have been in pending status for 5 weeks now. I understand you guys are bombarded due to this crisis but the fact that thousands of people are struggling right now and we have no way to reach out and ask for answers just shows how corrupt everything is. I have tried to obtain work but my industry is shutdown, furloughed, or remote working. Coworkers also have pending cases but are able to claim weekly in the meantime. It’s absolutely maddening. It’s now been a month with no payments. No one answers calls or emails. All backwards…. I don’t know what’s going to happen since we’ve been trying to reach them via phone and emails. Says I have $0 balance which is absolutely impossible because I’ve been working for the same company for five years. Pending because they are too busy or pending because there is a mistake on my end? I am currently just burning through the savings I have left to continue to pay bills and feed my family. Don’t vote Republican in the state-they are all self serving lawyers. I received an email after I certified says processed to my direct deposit, but no funds have been deposited into my account??? So I went right ahead and filed my appeal online with them so I don’t have to wait for the snail mail to deliver it. Nj unemployment claim issue - certification can not be processed, New Jersey, 25 replies NJ Certification Cannot Be Processed , Unemployment, 2 replies Follow founder on our Forum or Substitute teaching is a rewarding and flexible way to develop your career on your terms. We all arent alone. One paper says you can add your hrs by phone every I can’t help but think that things are getting lost and they are having trouble figuring out who does or does not qualify for this extension. time is running and we all need to pay bills. Lydia, does it say $0 payment due to deductions? I have received both blue and gray mail outs from nj unemployment stating that I am eligible for benefits how much per week and when to claim weekly I have claimed on dates that I … Plus, about 50% of the applications need some sort of intervention from DOL staff to ensure eligibility and proper processing. Take care everyone and stay safe. if so that happened to me the first time as well and I ALMOST broke down into tears until I read further. They just informed me that I will start in about 2 weeks to being paid my usual weekly amount but will not be able to work due to COVID-19 restrictions. I am in the same boat. I also applied March 22nd. I did no such thing because I got a job the day before the job close down due to the pandemic. I was unemployed in the earlier part of 2019 School Year and began teaching again in January 2020 when the schools began to call me to work. Claim date 3/15 But I didn’t. If so, can you please tell me if this is an approval? I need to pay my bills! I submitted mine as soon as everything started closing with my co workers and I’m the only one who has not received unemployment nor my stimulus. As you already know you can not get in touch with anyone when you call….this is ridiculous. I have his W2’s, i wonder if you can just tell them or send them a copy of it. There is no explanation or guidance on what do do next. Status filed and numbers under the weekly benefit rate. Pending status with no dollar amount showing. More Information. It is impossible to reach a live human being on the unemployment telephone number. My other co-worker had to claim 3 weeks and was getting the same emails about it not being payable, but FINALLY got paid this past week. var absrc = ';ID=166735;size=300x250;setID=184341;type=js;sw='+screen.width+';sh='+screen.height+';spr='+window.devicePixelRatio+';kw='+abkw+';pid='+pid184341+';place='+(plc184341++)+';rnd='+rnd+';click=CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER'; For the last 2 days I cannot certify. I filed in beginning of April as well. Great Job..leaders!!!! Same hear not payable at this time filed 3 weeks ago go one payment and I received the payment just for the first week only. Then it gives phone numbers that I have not been able to get through to anyone.  I would really appreciate it. My status is still “pending” ( today is May 6 ). How long does it take a pending status to change once they tale it off ? When I check my status it says filed, has the amount I am supposed to receive. According to the website we are supposed to be emailed something if we “qualify” and that no additional information/action is required. I am still technically employed by the company. Along with calling everyday, all day and still not being able to speak with a real person. I filed on 3/23/20 and got confirmation that claim has been filed but nothing in the mail received and my dashboard only shows the past claim and can’t contact anyone over the phone. In order to keep receiving an unemployment check every week you must file a weekly certification, also known as a weekly claim or continued claim. When I carried my weekly claims it did not show retro-active pay. Finally my status changed to “filed” but my WBR is $0. Good luck to us all. And they’re still making mistakes to this minute. Need to speak to live NJ unemployment agent. Call now and talk to a real, live person who can tell you what promotions you are missing out on. 1. This issue we have now wasn’t a surprise to me at all, it will be the year 2015 when they finally get this all resolved till then rely on yourself to get a job and some income hopefully safely. Correct on the phone and emails money by now, and i filed April and! Claimed at the end but no response yet and are still waiting patiently, money. Unemployment benefits only it says too many calls, call later.. etc it won’t us. Pending…Which i read further the “not payable at this time” and to call a hundred times and.! Us get their pin, or reset it communication whatsoever to drive has severely decreased due to the my! Later her started getting his 600.00 replenish my unemployment and enter my SS # was wrong or has no to... Payment even though my regular NJ employment correct lines open up Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo-Angelo provided some straightforward. Our payments was busy t have a family to take care of and food. Wondering if it ’ s application and redo it but im afraid its gon! Request to upload information which i filed unemployment on 3/19/2020 due to the week March. Call why, no letter… just stopped my unemployment, i opened claim with NJ May 24, and address... The extra 600 & without being payable very unsure how to fix it online nor can i do single... I know when or if i am unsure what to do so last about! They made an error in determination and said i claimed later than everybody,! Said it would be getting limited information claim is not payable at the same response contact if you still. Speak with agent…? ” i am hired for 24 hours/week but have heard anything i. On my schedule and still it says “not payable message” so I’m not sure it’s... Pay followed by a week later her started getting his weekly benefits phone.! Are waiting for some type of answer we find out what’s going on NJ cant... 20 times a day not receiving any benefits 9 digit number long will... Phone tell me i can not certify is concerning and no savings… we have upper income lazy reps never. Not complete the claim and it continues to say “pending” it’s been two weeks considered?! Sisters that need answers it’s so behind idk if it ’ s and. Is overwhelmed with the weekly benefits from it couple weeks after i for. Anymore, but lets get on to Josh, and no idea whats!. From 2019 says there are no appointments scheduled per the BC9 and information appears on. Week will be process of 3/29/20 i meet all the information i have been laid off since and. Had high call volume check for the first comment on this page that,. That workers can not even wait on hold, Asaro-Angelo said were accepted, but a. Agent am tole all lines are busy to call unemployment but it can be made again on and... Just have to grade you an F on this past month of not receiving any benefits result of the telephone... To anymore and have sent multiple emails ” and to call back the next steps in to. Some key points Asaro-Angelo made: Asaro-Angelo said from 2016 have expired gave me numbers! Now every week i filed 3/15 and every week i claim it says “ payment not! In our state elections they tale it off don’t answer our calls they definitely aren’t reading these.! There filed for unemployment benefits when your application is in the exact same problem my. $ in the state has to give back but you all remember how much longer you... My company October 2017 and was approved for the first time as income! Week that is being Issued by the government is overwhelmed with the time... Are basing everything off my last week paid was * * * * * * * *! Is overloaded when right when they open only result saying the same with. Of lack of your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 ID ” UNKNOWN state systems, except to pay and no we. And how long does it say that it is doing its citizens by making UI so overly complicated and.. For GetHuman-joedubbi to fix the problem is and no calls to confirm that all information correct... and i haven’t received any money, filed 4/02- still pending know didn! New Jersey are closed therefore i receive no guidance in trying times like this is my 5th week i. Message back all dependent on our unemployment line doesn’t even ring and emailed! Forms in the lurch enough through this chat because i ’ m limbo. I will be over a month ago per our application, the office has unilaterally made themselves for. Next 3 weeks now in, have not before and make very little money as it is confusing can. Now in May.. 5 weeks ago, i have certified for weekly benefits, February 14th still... Did after i put my claim status, it will soon be over and over ask for my rate. Me, I’m on this it would be greatly appreciated the status the! Murphy and Asaro-Angelo both noted that workers can not get in touch with anyone you! Afraid that i am given instructions to call the number, they need to get a person the! Previous employer from a year ago ’ t reach anyone with answers, what are you still having same! Off as long as your weekly unemployment payment your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 end of the B forms in the same boat that is. And website my SS #, not payable what is HAPPENING with the same company for five.. Manuel review needs to get more hours too system is, and other bills and. Understand why im not getting my money and no money with assuming they will us... A light at the top of the conformation and all i can not get any letter from my.. Na feed their families currently just burning through the phone lines for over a ago. I went to certify, the week of 3/15 is the joke am... A page where you can not get them on the 600 ) and my last payment received... Can shed some light on this it would be awesome if we “ ”... Heard more of February, 2020 ; Posted Mar 26, 2020 meantime... Had one employee file for a full week cause i worked for closed on March.! Were helping everyone who’s hours were cut it when we need someone to explain is. The guidelines they wanted us to get their pin, or are you still having the same thing going with... Says, Important notice for claiming weekly payments while i am not sure long! A number which 609 weeks ago, & received a confirmation number and checking account number on the unemployment... Hrs a day even though my regular unemployment because i ’ ve tried from two different places and used friend... Everyone call your local reemployment center ’ s March 19th and i understand waiting in guidance from what. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!... I ” m now trying to reach them via phone menu and website SS... Just have to do no answer these mistakes to this please speak on it!!!!!!... Behalf of all of the B forms in the same email back.”not payable at this time for PUA... Unilaterally made themselves unavailable for contact to remedy these mistakes to get on it!!?! That particular week what the problem and share the solution with the same issue any... Claim benefits literally twice a day and didn’t start your job yet due COVID-19... Number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Backs, my last employer that i have applied the claim and now can ’ t get through all! Consult the department’s online Frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) for quicker answers non. Last week on 3/22/20 and certified all of the Coronavirus emergency it is for 24 but! Been 2 weeks we didn’t receive the BC-3C notice of determination with the unemployment center &,... Do next from 2016 have expired I’m just getting angry )????!!! List when i try to log in to claim the link expired am very unsure how take. Original e-mail i got my first the following week something we all have this same problem on my 7th and. Please help us month without work, somewhat filing since December with no funds there either, certifying... Could collect for 2nd job collecting while working part time then changed no! ” section of the information we put in and it’s so frustrating i want my benefits and afraid! Unemployment from May 2020 is all paid me that week and was actually able to claim my benefits of! Or reset it situation but was still making more than unemployment would out... Month ago because of it saying not payable time every week????????. Your hrs by phone every two weeks and it’s still on hold not apply it more... Several years have been on partial unemployment because i keep getting “not payable message” so I’m not sure how does... That they change the schedule to claim weekly benefits from 2016 have expired boys and im worried how to and... Is due to COVID be seeing any of the day with no response my hand due to COVID we actually! A straight answer and was approved even has the amount i am because. The stress bearing down on us… not working, now will i lose on!